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Rotork IQ3 Range Intelligent Electric Valve Actuators - Product Literature

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A valve actuator is the mechanism for opening and closing a valve. Manually operated valves require someone in attendance to adjust them using a direct or geared mechanism attached to the valve stem. Manually operated valves require someone in attendance to adjust them using a direct or geared mechanism attached to the valve stem.

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The actuators can be ordered with manual override. SAMSON offers rack & pinion, piston, and diaphragm rotary actuators. Electric actuators have optional electric or mechanical override and can be ordered with fail-safe action. Linear Actuators for Industrial Applications.

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Please find the printed documentations available for our products. Search for Document number. Entering the first 6 figures (separated by a dot) supplies you with the ...

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AUMA has been developing and building electric actuators and valve gearboxes for 50 years and is now one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

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ÍNDICE Página 1 Salud y Seguridad 2 Almacenaje 3 Operación del Actuador IQ 3.1 Operación Manual 3.2 Operación Eléctrica 3.3 Pantalla del Actuador – Indicación de la Posición de la Válvula 3.4 Pantalla del Actuador – Indicación de Alarma 4 Preparación del Casquillo de Transmisión 4.1 IQ10 a IQ35 Tipos A y Z con Base de Empuje 4.2 ...

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An actuator is a component of a machine that is responsible for moving and controlling a mechanism or system, for example by opening a valve.In simple terms, it is a "mover". An actuator requires a control signal and a source of energy. The control signal is relatively low energy and may be electric voltage or current, pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, or even human power.

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Rotork Insight2 software. Safe Manual Operation In case of an emergency, power outage or failure of the control network, IQ actuators can be operated by hand. A manual clutch and handwheel allow an operator to disengage …

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Details; BOM; Recommended Specs. Download; Pneumatic Actuator Output Torques to 44,130 in-lb (4,986 Nm) Styling, strength, compactness, and simplicity of design have been combined to produce the Bray Series 92 direct acting and the Series 93 spring return pneumatic actuators.

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Valbia provides A351-CF8M stainless steel pneumatic actuators suitable for use in aggressive enviroment. The sizes range from model 52 to 100, in both Double Acting and Spring Return version.

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2CDC 550 005 D0701 │ 06.2014 Manual técnico Actuador de persiana Actuador de persiana BA-M-0.4.1 (6253/0.4)

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The wiring diagram selector returns standard IQ, IQT, IQ3, CK/CKR, CKC / CKRC, CVA, and CMA wiring diagrams only. For specials or if you can't find what you want, please contact Rotork.


maintenance manual rack and pinion pneumatic actuators gtx series iso 9001:2000- cert. n° 0210/3 ii 2 gd c 110°c technical file ref. n° 2003/01. attuatori . - pneumatic actuators and accessories - usermaning issue .10 march 2004 gt attuatori s.r.l. rea mi 1558400 fax (02) 90390368

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The Rotork Setting Tool and Setting Tool Pro allows actuator control, indication and protection functions to be configured to suit site requirements. In addition, the new Rotork …

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2 This manual is produced to enable a competent user to install, operate, adjust and inspect Rotork IQ range valve actuators. Only persons competent by virtue of their training


V200-1 • 5/2014 VALVCON V-SERIES ACTUATOR 115VAC AND 230VAC GENERAL is a leading designer and provider of com-pact, reliable, electronically controlled electric actu-

IQ Range Installation and Maintenance Instructions

This manual is produced to enable a competent user to install, operate, adjust and inspect Rotork IQ range valve actuators. The electrical installation, maintenance


Bueno comenzamos entonces con presentarte un diagrama eléctrico de una válvula, el diagrama completo de una válvula rotork puede variar de acuerdo a las tarjetas que estén integradas en el actuador, esto depende de lo que tu desees.

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UniTorq Actuators and Controls. Manufacturers rack & pinion and scotch yoke pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, limit switches, positioners and valve actuator accessories.

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Worcester Controls Actuator Sizing Manual For Worcester Controls Valves. Definition of Valve Torque The purpose of this manual is to provide a simple yet accurate proce-dure for sizing actuators to Flowserve Worcester Controls ball valves .

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The Type 3277 pneumatic rolling diaphragm actuator with an integrated accessory attachment area is designed for all industrial applications. This actuator is a linear motion device ideal for valve sizes ranging from the micro-flow valves to 4" globe control valves.

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Actuator & Controls Approved by: SIL3 Approval ATEX EExdIIBT6 Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC. ... the actuator to manual mode. This is automatically disengaged when switched to electrical operation.

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Actuator Product Catalogue Publication P002E Issue 06/10. 2 ... Rotork’s unrivalled reputation for innovation, reliability and first class customer support. ... include Auto/Manual toggle switches, a fixed drive arm, position indicator and two adjustable position switches.

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1. Safety instructions 1.1 Range of application AUMA actuators are designed for the operation of industrial valves, e.g. globe valves, gate valves, butterfly valves and ball valves. For other applications, please consult us.

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Rotary Actuators ® 1 Catalogue Contents ... Geared manual override on all models from 05 to 20 excluding model 15 (details page 46). 17. Mounting Bracket A comprehensive range of brackets provides for most ball, plug and butterfly valves (details page 45). Kinetrol modular concept easily provides the control assembly needed

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A leader position in electric actuation technology. More than 80 years of know-how at your service

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Indelac Controls Inc offers only the best American made electric actuator products, limit switch, motion controllers, and more!

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Manual override hand/auto declutch lever, automatic reset when motor is energized Handwheel designed for safe, efficient operation Standardized mounting pad for ABZ and ISO-5211 valve mounting.

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Instruction Manual Pneumatic actuator PA 30 – PA 90 6 The technical data is not binding and not an expressly warranted characteristic of the goods. It is subject to change. Please consult our General Conditions of Supply. 7 Table of Contents Seite 1. Introduction 8 . General Information 8 .1 Hazard notices